How To Use Metamask on Avalanche

For your security, please make sure that you are on the official MetaMask website (

2- Install Extension

Depending on what browser you're using, the webpage will take you to a web store to download the extension.

3- Create a wallet

If you're reading this guide, we'll assume that you don't already have an Ethereum wallet (or that you want to create a new wallet).

4- Create Password

This password is utilized to unlock your extension. It does not play a role in encrypting your blockchain private keys or seed phrase.

If you lose this password, the 12-24 word seed phrase that you get in the next steps can still access your blockchain wallet.

5- Important!! Save Your Key Phrase

This is the most vital step in this entire process. This phrase is the encryption for your actual blockchain wallet. Losing this phrase will result in a total loss of access. DON'T LOSE THIS PHRASE!!

MetaMask gives great tips on the right side for properly storing and securing this phrase.

6- Confirm the Phrase

Now that you've written down the secret phrase, MetaMask will ask you to confirm the order of the words given to you. Now you are ready to Connect your wallet to the Avalanche network.

7 - Connect MetaMask with Avalanche

Open MetaMask and click on the network selector at the top. By default it will show "Ethereum Mainnet". Scroll down and click Custom RPC.

A window will open. Type in the details below. Network Name: Avalanche Mainnet New RPC URL: ChainID: 0xa86a Symbol: AVAX Explorer:

8 - Add YTS Token (Optional)

Contract address: 0x488f73cddda1de3664775ffd91623637383d6404

Now that MetaMask is connected to Avalanche, you can move on to

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