YetiSwap Road Map

NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace will be continuously improved and many new functions will be added. Some of the things we will do are:
1- Verified artist 2- Adding like and follow features 3- A more detailed statistics page 4- Include detail information such as floor, max, min, total value, etc. for collections 5- Customized filters for collections 6- Adding the auction feature 7- Providing ERC-1155 support If there are more features you want, you can let us know at [email protected]

NFT Farm

Farm options will be created for NFT projects approved by the YetiSwap team.
In addition, $YTS Farm will be opened for the YetiSwap Summer collection we have released.

New UI

The UI/UX of all YetiSwap platforms, primarily NFT Marketplace, will be renewed with its unique design.

CEX Listing

We are currently in meet up with a few exchanges that support C-Chain. By paying the listing fee in CEX with the income from YetiSwap Summer collection. We plan to be listed on at least one exchange that supports C-Chain by the end of this year.


We will start voting via Later we will also develop our own Governance. We will share the details later.
Last modified 2yr ago