Distribution Breakdown

No YTS tokens are allocated to the investors, advisors, or any sort of insiders. YTS is capped at a supply of 556 million tokens, 100% of which will be distributed to the community according to

Chart 1. The first 90% of tokens, or 500 million tokens, are dedicated to the community treasury, where they will initially be used to fund liquidity mining. 5% of tokens, or 28 million tokens, are dedicated to a community airdrop, and 5% of tokens, 28 million tokens, dev fee

Community - Liquidity Mining Allocation (90% of YTS)

The vesting schedule is algorithmically specified as follows: starting from 250 M tokens for the first four years, the number of tokens distributed halves every additional four years, meaning that the next four years contribute roughly a quarter, and so on. This pattern continues into perpetuity. For reference, during the first four years, roughly 5.2 M YTS will be distributed per month to liquidity miners. The full schedule of distribution of YTS in the liquidity mining allocation is shown below:

Developer Fee (5% of YTS)

Community - Airdrop Allocation (5% of YTS)

We will distribute totally 28m YTS on Airdrop in different phases. Details will be announced later...

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