Farm Migration For New Bridge Tokens


Ava Labs' announcement Avalanche launched a new bridge.

Because of things this were are going to migrate to pools, from old tokens to new tokens For instance, USDT from Ethereum will be USDT.e. You can convert old assets to new ones using the convert tool from Ava Labs.

After Aug 22th 19:00 GMT rewards from our farms using the old bridge tokens will stop completely. So please make sure to migrate your YLS before then.

NOTE: 22 AUG 19:00 GMT Old pools will not give any rewards

Migration Guide

Step 1: Unstake your liquidity

Go to and click "Finished Pools" to find your pool

Click "Withdraw" button

Click "Withdraw" button again

Click "Withdraw & Claim" button and confirm Metamask transaction

Step 2: Remove your unstaked liquidity

Go to and find you liquidity

Click "Manage" then "Remove" button

Select "Max" and click "Remove" button and confirm Metamask transaction

Step 3: Token Convert

The new AB Bridge supports new token contracts, name conventions end with .e as mentioned above. The old ones will be deprecated from AEB

That's why tokens are needed to convert new tokens.

There is a tool from Ava Labs For more information here is the official tutorials

Go to select your token then press the Upgrade button wait for a while after 2 transaction confirmations you will have a new token.e

For example, as you see from simple after USDT conversion will have USDT.e token

Step 4: Add new liquidity

Go to and click "Add Liquidity" button from "AVAX Bridge Tokens" tokenlist

then add your liquidity.

Step 5: Deposit your liquidity

Go to and find your reward pool and click "Deposit" button

then click "Deposit YSL Tokens" and earn again YTS ^^

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