NFT Market Introduction

NFT Market Introduction


You will be able to buy/sell NFT collections that have been whitelisted and verified in the Yetiswap NFT market and even produce your own NFTs. When these NFTs you produce are sold on the YetiSwap NFT market, you will be able to collect royalties from them if you wish.

With the NFT market, you will be able to quickly sell your NFTs and buy the NFTs you like, even with the wallet feature in the market, you will be able to see your whitelisted/verified NFTs from a single place and transfer these NFTs quickly.

Currently, only $YTS and $AVAX are used in our NFT market. We have system commission, there is a 2% commission for transactions made with $YTS and 3% for transactions made with $AVAX.

While creating an NFT through our NFT market, you have the opportunity to choose the royalties. Currently, the royalties options are between 0% and 15%, so every time an NFT you created is sold on the YetiSwap NFT market, the royalty amount you choose will be automatically transferred to your account.

To give you an example:

When an NFT with 5% copyright, is sold on the YetiSwap NFT market for 2000 $YTS price

You will be able to see this information in detail at the sales stage.

When you want to produce an NFT with royalties, the system will ask you for $YTS according to the royalty rate you have chosen. If you do not choose royalties, you do not need to pay any $YTS.

The needed $YTS calculation is as follows:

Needed YTS = Royalties Fee Rate* Royalties Unit Price

The royalties unit price may vary depending on market conditions. Currently, the royalty unit price is 10 $YTS.

The NFT series that will be supported at our launch are as follows:

  • Avaware

  • Avaxcells

  • Avaxtars

  • CryptoDappers

  • Cryptoseals

  • CryptoWaifus

  • ELK (Moose)

  • HatchyPockets

  • NovaX

  • SnowBall

  • Sporeproject

Burning YTS

Half of the $YTS collected from NFT creating and system commissions will be burned regularly and the total supply of $YTS token will be reduced.

NFT Marketplace Audit Report

Audit made by PaladinSec

YetiSwap Summer NFT Collection

In addition, as a surprise to you, the special YetiSwap NFT series will also be published on opening. There will be a total of 300 NFTs 6 different characters and 3 different colors. The first 10 NFT will distribute with Twitter giveaways. You can see all types and rarities below.

Parachuting Yeti

Surfer Yeti

Adventurer Yeti

Swimming Yeti

Picnicker Yeti

Miner Yeti

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