Why are my fees displayed in ETH on MetaMask?

MetaMask is originally built for Ethereum and does not support the native tokens of other blockchain networks. The ETH units displayed are actually AVAX units when on the Avalanche network. Therefore, to get the true cost of transactions, you need to multiply the units by the current market rate of AVAX.

Why do I have to make two transactions sometimes using MetaMask?

MetaMask will ask you to first approve the YetiSwap app to interact with your tokens. Afterwards, you will then be able to confirm the transaction.

Am I able to use my Ethereum wallet on Avalanche?

Yes - that is the power of Avalanche! It allows you to use your same wallet that you use on Ethereum.

What is YTS?

YTS is the YetiSwap governance token. Learn more about YTS governance here.

Why does my liquidity not show up on the pools page?

If you deposit your YSL tokens, your liquidity won’t show up on the pools page until you withdraw your YSL tokens. Technically, you are handing ownership of your liquidity to the staking pools and you can’t claim your liquidity until you withdraw your YSL tokens.

Do I still get fees when staking YSL to mine YTS?

Yes. Fees are added to the pool and are extracted proportionally when you withdraw your YSL.

MetaMask is giving me an error and my transaction is still pending.

If you have a pending transaction that has not finalized, you can try the following steps here.

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